Acquedotto della Formina

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Acquedotto della Formina

The Roman aqueduct,13 kilometers long, is the only Roman aqueduct opened to the public in Italy and offers a fascinating underground route .e

It ‘an extensive network of tunnels and corridors, made in Roman times, in order to provide constant water supply to the town of Narni. Powered by six springs extends for 13 Km from St. Urban, passing through the old town and culminating in the large distribution tank.It ‘also considered the geographical center of the peninsula


UMBRIA REGION - POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse I – Attività 1.1.1 SME’s Digital Innovation 2016 The aim of the project was the acquisition of digital Cloud Computing services and services for the development and the start‐up of E‐Commerce. The main functionalities were: CRM and Marketing Automation software for the automation and the dynamic control of corporate marketing communications. Web‐site and e‐commerce of “food and wine“ products. Received Grant: € 13.580,00