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I Plenaristi

I “I Luoghi ritrovati di una Valle Incantata ” consiste nella realizzazione di un Archivio virtuale e completo delle opere prodotte nella zona dell’Umbria del sud (in via di realizzazione e che sarà concluso nel dicembre 2015 ad opera di Marcella Culatti della Fondazione Zeri di Bologna) e il Documentario... Continue reading
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Lago di Piediluco

Small town of medieval origin means “at the foot of the sacred wood” that developed his village in the narrow strip of land that runs between the lake and the mountain. The lake takes its name from the village, has the appearance of a body of water surrounded by alpine... Continue reading
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Lo Speco di San Francesco

The Speco of St. Francis is one of the most important shrines of the Franciscan, located near Narni built near the caves where the saint of Assisi used to retire to prayer, it is the destination of many pilgrimages. St. Francis arrived there in 1213, often in prayer and also... Continue reading
Bike in Umbria
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Percorriamo l’Umbria in bicicletta!

Terni – Narni Scalo – Collemaggio – Capitone – S. Pellegrino – Montoro – Visciano – Borgaria – Testaccio – Narni – Ponte S. Lorenzo – Terni Hilly the duration of 4 hours, almost entirely in the town of Narni, but do not be fooled by the low altitudes, since... Continue reading
Narni Sotterranea chiesa santa maria della rupe
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Narni Sotterranea

A guided tour in the basement of Narni that starts from the convent of S. Domenico, with the entry into a twelfth-century church, which contains frescoes of the oldest in the city. Continuing through the corridors you reach a large room, where the interrogations took place in the Court of... Continue reading
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Il Ponte di Augusto

Monumental work that allowed the Via Flaminia crossing the Black River, built in all probability during the seventh consulate of Augustus (27 BC) when, for military reasons, it became urgent restoration of the old street. The daring building, located between the slopes of Monte Maggiore, on which rises Narni, was... Continue reading
interno cattedrale di san giovenale a narni
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Il Duomo

The Cathedral of St. Juvenal of Narni, is located near the walls; presents the left side of the facade on Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza Cavour. It is one of the most important examples of Romanesque church in Umbria. Of great interest are the lateral façade decorated with rich carved portal... Continue reading
Narni la rocca
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La Rocca di Albarnoz

The Albornoz Fortress stands in a dominant position over the town of Narni and the gorges of the Black. It ‘s an imposing building that is part of that system of fortresses that the papacy after Avignon, poses in defense of the state of the church just regained. Its location,... Continue reading
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Acquedotto della Formina

The Roman aqueduct,13 kilometers long, is the only Roman aqueduct opened to the public in Italy and offers a fascinating underground route .e It ‘an extensive network of tunnels and corridors, made in Roman times, in order to provide constant water supply to the town of Narni. Powered by six... Continue reading
cascata delle marmore guida
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Cascata delle Marmore

The Marmore Falls , for its beauty, looks like a roaring column of water on three jumps. Wrapping the flora in a cloud of white foam, 165 meters high. The scenario revealed to the visitor is the result of over two thousand years of work from the man who, starting... Continue reading
UMBRIA REGION - POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse I – Attività 1.1.1 SME’s Digital Innovation 2016 The aim of the project was the acquisition of digital Cloud Computing services and services for the development and the start‐up of E‐Commerce. The main functionalities were: CRM and Marketing Automation software for the automation and the dynamic control of corporate marketing communications. Web‐site and e‐commerce of “food and wine“ products. Received Grant: € 13.580,00