Percorriamo l’Umbria in bicicletta!

Bike in Umbria
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Percorriamo l’Umbria in bicicletta!

Terni – Narni Scalo – Collemaggio – Capitone – S. Pellegrino – Montoro – Visciano – Borgaria – Testaccio – Narni – Ponte S. Lorenzo – Terni

Hilly the duration of 4 hours, almost entirely in the town of Narni, but do not be fooled by the low altitudes, since the ups and downs developed over a length fairly consistent in the long run may be felt on the legs of someone who does not have a discrete training. Precisely for this reason there is a kind of splitting into several sections in the description, at the intersection with the main roads, so that anyone can stop or start the path where you want. This track is a sort of miniature circuit mountain, where, even if just for short stretches of time, you will encounter steep ascents, descents, woodland paths, even a little ‘rough.

For those who have the opportunity, you may want to start with, and then finish, the path along the way marattese, at the height of Macchiagrossa word, thus eliminating 12 km (6 +6) among the least pleasant. Stands instead a central part really very beautiful and pleasant, that does not cover the 33 kilometers busy streets and stretching for at least a good 90% of dirt.


UMBRIA REGION - POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse I – Attività 1.1.1 SME’s Digital Innovation 2016 The aim of the project was the acquisition of digital Cloud Computing services and services for the development and the start‐up of E‐Commerce. The main functionalities were: CRM and Marketing Automation software for the automation and the dynamic control of corporate marketing communications. Web‐site and e‐commerce of “food and wine“ products. Received Grant: € 13.580,00